Selling your apartment in Amsterdam or rather buy a large family house in Amsterdam and surroundings? Or renting your place or looking for a new rental for you and your family?
We could take care of all of the above, as well as selling, leasing, renovation, and renting all your properties in and between Amsterdam and Utrecht.
Please check this site for a broad selection of objects bought, sold, rented and leased by Lengers Housing.
Contact Jacqueline Lengers. She would be pleased to make you a customized offer.


On this website you find our current offer in the market, both for sale and for rent. If the objects are not to your liking, please do give us your assignment and we will start searching according to your wishes with regard to whishes and budget. We would accompany you if your choice is available for viewing.
Would you like to buy or sell?
We would like to guide you throughout the process of determining the correct query and selling price up till suggestions for rebuilding or advice on appropriate maintenance. Ofcourse we are present at the notary for the official transfer. And if here any questions left please do contact Lengers Housing even when the transfer has been completed.

Interested in renting out your house? For a flexible or pre-set period?
Rental is a specific expertise. In recent years, this market has become increasingly important, due to adjusting the Rules of Non-occupation ‘(Leegstandwet’). Therefore, we are members of VBO brokers and valuators and Pararius. We protect you from abuse - such as illegal subletting or hemp cultivation - and assist you in carefully finding and selecting candidates. We would execute the administrative duties, including the collection and verification of the necessary documents and ensure that you could offer a legally and fiscally appropriate lease. Also the complete incheck procedure including an inventory check, inspection list and photographing the apartment, so there never would be any mistakes during the outcheck. 
Lengers Housing will pave your road on the Dutch Housing market.
  • I would definitely recommend this broker to friends or family!
    Super good support by Lengers Housing. You will be well guided and kept informed over everything. Very human and social broker with a passion for her profession and where even potential buyers feel comfortable with.
    Sluisstraat 40 I Amsterdam
    – on behalve of Seller Sluisstraat 40-1
  • Excellent real estate agent. Always available, thinks along and very involved. Ultimately, this resulted in buying a fantastic apartment
    Bankwerkerij 61, Amsterdam
    – Bankwerkerij 61, Amsterdam
  • A professional broker with expert knowledge. Very nice to sell our house with someone who values %u200B%u200Bservice and does everything possible to make the viewings and sales sublime in a personal and charming way.
    Kanaalstraat 11 Amsterdam
    – juli 2020 verkoop Kanaalstraat

  • I would definitely recommend this broker to friends or family! Jacqueline has a pragmatic approach and there was a pleasant business contact, all-in... super satisfied! 
    Verlengd Buitenveer 23 Weesp
    – Koper Verlengd Buitenveer 23 te Weesp
  • You can never go wrong with having Jacqueline by your side when you're looking for real estate, she's highly energetic, persistent, honest and insanely hilarious!
    – a house in Almere
  • Jacqueline Lengers is a very pleasant broker. She listens well, levels well, switches quickly and knows how to tackle things. Her customer-friendliness, level-headedness and directness are a very big plus in this industry and she has guided the sales process very well. I would definitely recommend her.
    Eerste Jan Steenstraat 75B Amsterdam
    – Verkoopster Eerste Jan Steenstraat 75B
  • Jacqueline is a very knowledgeable and involved broker with a large network. She has helped us tremendously, even when things seemed to go wrong, she even phoned all parties involved a lot during her vacation to bring the purchase to a successful conclusion. 
    Jhr. Huydecoperstraat 3 Nigtevecht
    – Aankopers woning
  • Jacqueline is a very involved Real Estate agent. She is always available, takes away all worries and tension with her radiant personality and advises and assists you in the entire sales process. She really goes the extra mile for you. Highly recommended!
    Eef Kamerbeekstraat 556 verhuur
    – Verkoper van Eef Kamerbeekstraat 556 Juli'22
  • Jacqueline was accessible and open to our demand (only purchase guidance for a specific home). 
    Jacqueline is also empathetic, knowledgeable and very customer-oriented. Very nice to work with!
    Martijn en Maria
    – aankoop
  • Jacqueline is top notch. She thinks along with you and when in doubt helps you put things in perspective. She stands her ground and coaches you through the entire process. In short, next time for us again with Jacqueline!
    Franklinstraat 37, Hilversum
    – Aankopers Franklinstraat
  • Local market knowledge 10                     Service and guidance 10
    Expertise 10                                              Price / quality 10

    A BIG 10! I would definitely recommend this broker to friends or family! The contact with the broker was very smooth. Jacqueline continues and the house was sold within 3 weeks! Lengers Housing takes all the worries off your hands and also arranges contact with for example the notary,. I am very satisfied with the service. Written on October 28, 2022
    Your response (Friday, October 28, 2022) Oh what a beautiful figure. Thank you, it was once again very pleasant to work together and we are also happy with the result achieved! We will be happy to hand over the key on your behalf during the deivery! Have a nice trip! Warm greetings from Nigtevecht
    Govert Flinckstraat 288-3A Amsterdam
    – A big fat 10!
  • Jacqueline is a fantastic enthusiastic woman. She puts her teeth into it and seeks direct contact with the sales broker if you are genuinely enthusiastic.
    An absolute MUST  as a sales broker.
    – aankoop Nienke
  • Fantastic Real Estate Broker. Service is great and she gives you the feeling you are number 1. 
    Really recommended.
    – Sam van Houtenstraat
  • Lengers housing knows the market, has many valuable contacts and has an extremely active attitude in the search process. They are also available outside office hours and are very helpful in finding answers to various questions. 
    Zoomstraat 38H, Amsterdam
    – Aankopende partij
  • Jacqueline was overall very available to answer all my questions. In the stressful moments, she always made sure to have my best interest in mind. The negotiation of the apartment was probably the most stressful, I felt the urgency to bid higher. Yet Jacqueline kept making sure there is a written agreement in all our conversations so we respect what was agreed. She definitely tried her best to have smooth conversations with the seller in order to get the best for each parties. She handled very well the communications. I would highly recommend her!
    Bos en Lommerplantsoen 33-K
    – Koper Bos en Lommerplantsoen
  • Jacqueline Lengers is the absolute best if you're looking for an authentic broker who is super devoted and committed to her clients. Throughout the entire search we really got to know each other and she gave me the feeling she would walk the extra mile for me. Can highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a professional broker with a personal approach!
    Groen van Prinstererstraat 52-1 Amsterdam
    – Jill
  • Jacqueline is a great Real Estate agent who really goes all out to help you find your dream home quickly! We bought our new home within 2 months! In addition, she knows many people in the world that she could connect you to, so that everything could be arranged quickly! Highly recommended!
    Willem Schouten 42 H te Amsterdam
    – Willem Schouten 42 H A'dam Juli '22
  • Everything went smoothly and beyond satisfaction. In addition to searching and purchasing, Lengers housing has helped us with many other matters surrounding the house and future renovation. Highly recommended broker
    Burgemeester Bootlaan 4 Hilversum
  • Amazing great service
    Jacqueline is really dedicated and advice you even in matters you would not think about and always to reach by phone for questions. Thanks to hear the sale of our 3 floor apartment went quick and smoothie!
    Arthur en Victoria
    – verkoop Hoendiepstraat
  • Dear Jacqueline,
    Thank you for everything you have done & meant for us. With a bump here and there, you kept your rock solid faith in a good sale, that in turn gave us confidence. With a great result, thanks to your energy, positivity and perseverance. But above all the nicest real estate agent in Amsterdam. Thanks again
    Eefkamerbeekstraat 556 te Amsterdam
  • In a few words: Lengers housing takes care of it for you
    Aankopende partij
    – Thank you
  • You were the agency I met that had the most "personalized" touch, and I liked it. I will be looking to buy a house in a year more or less, so if that is ok with you I might contact you in the future to discuss that!
    Tweede Weteringdwarsstraat 63-1
    – Verhuur Tweede Weteringdwarsstraat
  • To let you know I wont be pursing this apartment as I have found something else that fits my needs better. I must say the service provided by the agent that showed me the apartment was 5-stars!
    Kind regards, 
    Tweede Weteringdwarsstraat 63-1
    – Tweede Weteringdwarsstraat 63-1
  • I highly recommend their services, especially for fellow expats. She helped us, translated all the documents, relevant paperwork and informed us on the housing market and the best mortgage advisory firm option. Always a pleasure to work with them!
    Alina and Alex
  • Fast, adequate broker who with her charming and pleasant way of doing business provided very good service to both buyer and seller.
    Lilian & Sander
    – Verkoop
  • GREAT BROKER!!!!! As a purchase of your first house is quite a deal. Jacqueline helped me through everything and give me the confidence to buy my first house. Professional, trustworthy and honest broker with humor!
    Kinkerstraat 19 4v Amsterdam
    – Ellis Januari 2021
  • April 2022: If you are making a large purchase or sale, such as a house, Lengers Housing is a very good match for you! Expert, fast, helpful, attentive and flexible... They are not closed at 5 pm and we are always looking for possibilities! Promises are kept and Lengers Housing is very personal. You won't regret this
    Smaragdplein 56 te Utrecht
    – Smaragdplein te Utrecht
  • I could not be more happy with the apartment. I absolutely love the apartment, the neighborhood, my neighbors, everything! I really appreciate Jacqueline and her team for the services provided. I look forward to many many more happy months in this lovely home.
    Tweede Weteringdwarsstraat 63-1
    – Huurder Tweede Weteringdwarsstraat
  • May I thank you enormously for our cooperation. I felt like a party to work with you. Not just because it was so nice but also because you have helped me great!. I will recommend Lengers Housing to everybody!

    Thanks, thanks, thanks.
    Love Iris. 
    – verhuur
  • Jacqueline is very professional and knowledgeable. What makes her unique is her personality. With her customer-friendliness and charm she knows how to bind many people (buyers and sellers). An absolute must if you are looking for a sale or buy where you close with a good feeling
    Ruizendaallaan 73, Eemnes
    – Verkopers Ruizendaallaan 73
  • Jacqueline helped me with the search for my first house in Amsterdam. Super good communication, help with all questions I had and thought along with everything. Am very happy! 
    Elpermeer 167 Amsterdam
    – Lisa
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Management and Maintenance

In addition to the standard work of a real estate agent, Lengers Housing could also help you find for example:
- a Mortgage advisor
- an Architectural inspector
- a Notary
- an Appraiser

And possibly after purchasing:
- a Contractor
- a Painter
- a Handyman
- a Maintenance company outside of the house
- a Plumber
- a Floor man

After several years of experience, Lengers Housing is well acquainted with finding the right person in the right place. Unfortunately, buying a property is not just about viewing and deciding the purchase price. That is why it is so important that you are in good hands when it comes to a Real Estate specialist. Do not hesitate, do you have any questions? Lengers Housing is happy to talk to you without obligation. Who knows it will be the start of a successful collaboration.


Jacqueline Lengers has entrepreneurs blood flowing through her veins as her parents had a leading yacht brokerage, thus spoon-feeding her commercial insight and customizable trading. Yachting services are still a family occupation, albeit that - as in her 50est, Jacqueline preferred her own Lengers Housing for independent brokerage since 2016. With heart and soul she brings her (people) skills, sense of style and insights to a wide variety of people and will find satisfying answers to all possible queries.
Thanks to her Oxford A- and O-levels, she serves also an international clientele, to their utmost satisfaction. Please do look at this site for these references.
Lengers Housing could rely on an extensive network of financial and property specialists, so that we could offer a solution for any questions they may have in the areas of brokerage real estate, rental and leasing. Please look for the references on the various projects we have completed for our clients.


Please contact us for more information or further acquaintance. We will make an appointment for a visit as soon as possible

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